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    Klikając lub nawigując w tej witrynie, wyrażasz zgodę na gromadzenie przez nas informacji na Facebooku i poza nim przy użyciu plików cookie. Threesomes can be made out of two males and one female, or two females and one male.

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    Please look over the code function abc($var) :string echo abc(true); // Results 1 function abc($var) :string echo abc(88.99); // Results 88.99 function abc($var) :string echo abc(array()); //Results Fatal error : Uncaught Type Error: Return value of abc() must be of the type string Note : Even though function is forced to return only string, it still considers the other datatype arguments as string. As of PHP 7.0, you can restrain type of return value of user defined functions.Syntax is : function Function Name ($arg1, $arg2, ...) : TYPE TYPE is a string representing the type of return value, TYPE can be a class name or a php variable type, such as array/string/bool/int/float.

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    should have the same meaning, but at least in PHP7, they stand for different meanings respectively. Note :anonymous function is passed as an argument to function math($addition, 2, 2); echo PHP_EOL; // New line!Representation of function type checking can be in either type as followsfunction welcome(string $name)orfunction welcome($name):string Executed on PHP Version : 7.0.3 As posted by ohcc at 163 dot com function wxc ($var) : string this function must return a string, if it return something else when called, a "Fatal error: Uncaught Type Error" error will be triggered.But when executed by passing various datatypes, it doesn't throw error other than array and object.Function currently supports EN and ES month names.3.Function can be calles as Type Checking in PHP 7 case A: //Using return-------------------------function welcome($name):string echo welcome(100); Results : 100case B: //Using echo-------------------------function welcome($name):string welcome("100"); Results : Fatal error: Uncaught Type Errorfunction welcome(string $name) welcome(100); Results : 100case C: // Using strict_types--------------------------------declare(strict_types=1);function welcome($name):string echo welcome(90.99); Results : Fatal error: Uncaught Type Errorcase D: // Using strict_types--------------------------------//declare(strict_types=1); On comment to strict_typesfunction welcome($name):string echo welcome(90.99); Results : 90.99Note: Behaviour of echo and return on welcome function show in different reflection.

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