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    Updating all gridview contents at a time to the database

    I named my main activity as Main file (you can name it according to yours).Step 2 Create a new XML layout under layout folder and name it as (Right Click) layout ⇒ New ⇒ Android XML File. (Layout File) Step 5 Create a new Class by right clicking on (Right Click) src ⇒ package folder ⇒ New ⇒ Class and name your class as Grid View The Object Data Source is configured to use my own Update Row function in the BLL. Visible = False) based on the user's preferences. The problem is this: the Object Data Sources appears to pass NOTHING to the Update Row function for columns which have been hidden. Issue with Template Columns & Bound Columns while updating the data in a Grid View control Hi, I'm facing the below problem (In general, Object Data Source is driving me crazy !

    updating all gridview contents at a time to the database-30updating all gridview contents at a time to the database-75

    These are SQLite, SQLite Open Helper and third one Grid View. SQLite supports standard relational database features like SQL syntax statements.

    Data Key Names property which can then be retrieved by your Update method. I created a second Update method with a different signature but the old method was still being called. Bound Field Then bound Field = CType(field, Bound Field) bound Field. Read Only = True End If Next End Sub Sub show Col(By Ref gv As Grid View, By Val Data Column Name As String, By Val bln Read Only As Boolean) Dim bound Field As Bound Field For Each field As Data Control Field In gv. Doesn't the Grid View control automatically contruct the parameter list at run time depending on which columns are Read Only? So the problem is not with our software or the ODBC driver: create table dbo. The column is used for changing user permissions (which only admins should have the ability to do). Updateing A Column from Another Table in Gridview Hello, I Have one Table title Suppliers its structured as follows: ' Supplier ID' int not null (primary key and identity specification)/' Supplier Name' varchar50 not null/City Id int not null. Update on many tables in a gridview control: Hi all, I encouter an issue by trying to update some fields into a gridview control, for the select query, I am using a view and everything works. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is the code I am trying to use: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- void Grid View1_Row Updating(object sender, Grid View Update Event Args e) { Sql Data Source1.

    Many thanks for your suggestions:-)If I were to create a separate Update method for each possibility, how would I make sure that the desired method is targeted by the Object Data Source? The PAGE_LOAD event was setting the unwanted Grid View columns to visible = false but presumably their control values were still being passed to the Object Data Source. So far I haven't had to deal with parameter lists as it seems to do it all for me behind the scenes! Read Only = True End If End If Next End Sub Sub show Col(By Ref gv As Grid View, By Val Data Column Name As String, By Val bln Read Only As Boolean) Dim bound Field As Bound Field For Each field As Data Control Field In gv. Instructors_Detail ( ICDID numeric(10, 0) identity, Instructor ID numeric(10, 0) not null,..Calculated Columns, then to update another column in same table in ADO. It has aforeign key constraint with the City table, its structures: City Id int not null (pk and idspec/' Description varchar50 not null/ (the values are in the descrip as blue red green orange. Update Command = " UPDATE aspnet_Membership " SET Email = @Email," " Password...

    Dropdown list in gridview edit mode Hi Guys, I am stuck at creating a drop down list on edit button click. I want to display the contents of a database in a table, and allow the user to update it by perssing on an "edit" link. Well - I have data in two linked tables, in this instance, a "Cities" table, and a "Countries" table.

    I have a grid and in that one of the column is 'person', I have a edit template field in that grid so that when someone clicks on that edit button, this person column should create a drop down list in that row. the "Cities" table contains a country ID which links to the "Countries" table.

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