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But please dont talk to me about politics you may not like what I say but it is how I feel and only cause it has been what I been through that I feel that way...barry 55 divorced many yrs looking for friends with benifts,i beleave by my age anyone u meets prttey entrenched in thier lives home kids grandkids work, so meeting some ones fine but expecting them to turn thier lives in upheaval to be with me(or you) isnt very practical to me, my last gf passed away lil over a yr ago i see someone on occasion now, we had it worked out ok one of us would go to see the other fer 2-3 days n return to our lives and do it again til next time(usually the next week) , no questions asked on what u did or who u saw in between, no jeliously no hassels, no drama just good friendships works fer me if youd like to get together message me im mrwigglefinger on most sites n chat , im retired from portland post office free a lot i do have health probs but not life threatening, im in south paris I am butterfly , 33 and from northern maine , aroostook area.