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In some cases, it is also necessary to provide additional information which must be included in the proxy itself, for example: - purchasing or selling a house or a piece of land: its location and cadastral references; - settling an estate: personal details regarding the deceased (name, place and date of birth); - registering a court decision in Italy: detailed information about the persons involved, date of the court decision and the name of the Canadian judicial authority; - when selling a vehicle: type of vehicle, license plate number, vehicle registration number; - withdrawing funds: - "buono postale fruttifero" (postal interest-bearing security): serial number and amount, "codice fiscale" number; - "libretto postale" (postal savings account): account booklet number, issuing Post Office, "codice fiscale" number; - "conto corrente" or "conto a risparmio bancario" (bank account or investment certificate) – account number, bank designation and number (or location) of the financial institution where the account was opened, "codice fiscale" number. Special proxies deal with a single transaction or category of transactions; while general proxies deal with any transactions being carried out in Italy involving the person being represented. - Academic degree, professional title, completed exams, specialisation, qualification, background, skills upgrade, and technical qualifications. Please note, that the aforementioned declaration must deal only with situations, facts or personal information which can be verified by the Italian authorities (i.e.