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    Caution is advised in those who have cardiovascular disease.

    Django imagefield not validating

    Can I run kubelet as a docker container based on kubernetes v1.6.6?

    if can do, how to create the image or where to get a image, and also how to run this image? How to use android SIP to create a Vo IP application.

    class Deal(Abstract Model): IMAGE_MAX_LENGTH = 200 place = models.

    Foreign Key(Place, related_name='deals', related_query_name='deal', verbose_name=_("Place")) image = models.

    A Web Service or (even better) a downloadable database? please note, that "above" is a difficult concept in stackoverflow, since the ordering is grouped by votes and ordered randomly inside the groups.

    I am guessing you refer to @toivotuo's -qf /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/-i URL : darwinsys.com/file Summary : Python bindings for the libmagic API rpm -qf /usr/bin/file -i Name : file URL : darwinsys.com/file python-magic from darwinsys.com/file and which comes with Linux Fedora works like @toivotuo's said. The mimetypes module in the standard library will determine/guess the MIME type from a file extension.

    So you need the trailing comma on a single element when specifying the list of fields if you specify it as a tuple.

    In the original description lists, not tuples, were used, so that was unlikely the cause of whatever was going on.

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    When i have a form with only mugshot field, form never pass validaiton. It is not true that you need more than one field on a form for it to be able to validate.If someone was able to break into the site and get the credentials, I wouldn't want them to have access to everything I own.Or if I left Caktus (unthinkable though that is), someone else might need to be able to manage the resources on S3.Image Field(default='deals/default.png', max_length=IMAGE_MAX_LENGTH, upload_to='deals', verbose_name=_("Image")) ... @login_required def deals_create(request): # Get place id place_id = request.GET.get('place') # Get place place = Place.objects.get(id=place_id) # Process form data if request.method == 'POST': form = Deals Create Form(request.

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